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26 Jun

Like a true love story

For as long as I can remember, I have loved shoes. I find they are often overlooked in a complete outfit.  Shoes, however, are just as important as that new dress that you’re wearing and that picture perfect make up you have on. Ironically, shoes are something I have always noticed first on a look. Likewise, when I design a look I find myself starting from the soul and ground up. While at Fashion University, I would spend most of my money on shoes and sometimes forget about updating my wardrobe. My family and friends would always encourage me to have a spring cleaning with my shoe collection. When I moved to San Francisco, I took them up on the offer...
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22 Jun


Alfredo Villalba has just released his Pret-a-Porter FW16 collection called 'Urbanite'.  It marries feminine aesthetic with edgy details through his fabrications and silhouettes. Laser cut leather as knee length flared skirts - that's unique and cool. Using mixed fabric textures, finishes, studded knit, appliquéd mesh, suede, tweed, organza, printed wool, and faux fur, Villaba has created a beautiful genius mashup of style. On top of it, I love how he has incorporated printed wool and architectural construction in his bodices that all manage to have attention to cut out detailing coupled with finesse. Although he is known for his high end couture, I appreciate this edgier line.  It is many things but...
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15 Jun

The EDIT: The Vacation Wrap Up

    With Spring being here and Summer creeping up on us just around the corner, what a better time to get those vacation shoes out and ready for that long awaited summer holiday. Right? I am loving the new vacation shoe trend for this spring season that features tassels, color and and beautiful textures. I have chosen a few of my favorite looks for this Spring season that will fit every beach getaway. I have chosen a few comfortable flats which are perfect for walking around in and to the beach. You can pair them with a dress, cute playsuit, or some comfortable shorts. If you are wanting to keep the comfort and look a little dressier during the day, the...
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8 Jun

The Big Move

  There’s no doubt that moving to a new city is quite an adjustment. I’ve been living in San Francisco for exactly six months now and it’s been nothing short of busy, busy, busy! Trying to fit in as much sight seeing and getting familiar with a city while searching for a place to live all in a limited space of time isn’t easy, especially in San Francisco!! Having said that, I am loving it and enjoying Californian life. There is no doubt that this next year will bring many interesting experiences as well as many new friendships along the way!...
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