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26 Jun

Like a true love story

For as long as I can remember, I have loved shoes. I find they are often overlooked in a complete outfit.  Shoes, however, are just as important as that new dress that you’re wearing and that picture perfect make up you have on. Ironically, shoes are something I have always noticed first on a look. Likewise, when I design a look I find myself starting from the soul and ground up. While at Fashion University, I would spend most of my money on shoes and sometimes forget about updating my wardrobe. My family and friends would always encourage me to have a spring cleaning with my shoe collection. When I moved to San Francisco, I took them up on the offer but only out of necessity. Like the say, out with the old and in with new… shoes! Now I am rebuilding my collection which brings me joy in every step.  Truth be told, one can never have too many pairs of shoes – right?

When I look at a person, I look at their shoes first before the rest of the outfit. I know this may sound weird coming from a clothing designer, but I feel like a pair of shoes says a lot about a person. They are not a last minute decision.  In my mind, they literally make or break an outfit. They dress you up or dress you down.  But no matter what they are your foundation. The same goes for someone wearing a pair of stunning shoes but not being able to walk in them. One foot in front of the next people… if you can’t walk in those shoes, don’t wear them. Comfort is key – you are already beautiful – so make sure you feel good and you are confident as you dance through life!


Here are some examples of some of great shoe choices I’ve found…

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And some not so good…


Pictures courtesy of TheyAllHAteUs, Harpers Bazaar, TheImpression, Thefashionspot

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