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19 Jul

Design your World: Transamerica Pyramid Building

Transamerica pyramid building

I thought a lot about the inspiration for the first look of my new series.  When I moved to San Francisco from South Africa, it was a new world to me.  In the heart of that new world, one building stood above all the others.  The Transamerica Pyramid Building.  It was different and bold.  Curiosity led me to learn more.

The first day I moved to San Francisco was the first time I saw the pyramid.  I was memorized and fascinated by the design. It’s not often you find a pyramid in the middle of an urban jungle.  I would walk to different parts of the city and the pyramid would take on new character.  I would see the pyramid at different times in the day and it would take on new shape and form. 

What drew me to the pyramid was the interesting use of space and astute elements of design. From afar, you will notice that the building lies on a number of prism-shaped pillars which make up its bottom circumference.  I found out that Transamerica Corp commissioned the structure with the goal of creating a building that didn’t obstruct light from the street below.  Something that so many people walk underneath every day was made with such thoughtful design. How genius!!

Like a true fashion geek, and proud to be one, I looked deeper into the history of the building. I found that the architect who designed the pyramid faced a lot of scrutiny and opposition.  In the face of it, however, he created a beautiful piece of art that has become the symbol of San Francisco.  That is why I am going to design a look around it.

The pyramid is a geometric combination of cubes and triangles with a gap between the base of the building.  There are cubed windows that make up the majority of the outer structure. These are elements I find in fashion as well.  They remind me of using an inset to separate the panels of a garment design. I can imagine the bottom prisms as a hem.  The gap could be an inset and the cube-like windows could be a textured skirt with two accented pockets.  I am on to something here and I can visualize it.  Now to start sketching!

Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places.  The Transamerican Pyramid Building has inspired me.  I am excited to share with you how I take this inspiration and create the first look in my series. follow me on the journey and let’s keep designing our worlds!

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