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10 Jan

Design your world: Suiting up for 2017!


Resilience means you experience, you feel, you fall, you hurt… But you keep going. “Yasmin Mogahed

In 1906 San Francisco was hit by the biggest earthquake in California’s history. Known as the ‘Paris of America and with the fastest growing economy in the USA, the city was shaken to its core. What wasn’t destroyed by the quake was burned to the ground in the wind fed fires that raged in its aftermath.

People had lost everything and many were devastated. San Franciscans, however, chose to act in the face of hopelessness. They organized events to lift spirits and rebuild. Bay To Breakers was born out of this spirit as people rallied together in camaraderie and walked or ran from the Bay across the city to Breakers beach. And at the same time, a team of dreamers planned to host the biggest party the city had ever seen.

Lead by an innovative team, San Francisco won the bid to host the Panama Pacific International Exposition to be hosted in 1915. The visionary group would have 9 years to follow through on their vision to create a ‘city within a city’ on the 35 acres of land they chose that wasn’t destroyed by the earthquake and fires.

When it was completed, people came from far and wide. The World Fair was the biggest global gathering of that time and showcased the artistic, architectural and technological innovations of the era. For many the exposition symbolized imagination, drive, and perseverance. At the fair people were able to see airplanes fly for the first time and Ford created an assembly line inside the palace of transportation that put together a car in 10 minutes flat. It was a place of celebration that allowed people to dream of the world of the future.

Resilience and hope are powerful. I know they have helped me in my life. I was so impressed by San Franciscans while reading about the history of the 1906 earthquake and the 1915 World Fair that I wanted to design a piece with them in mind.

2017 will bring its own tremors and obstacles. With them, we will choose our armor. For mine, I have designed a blazer with the inspiration of this cities history and the perseverance of San Franciscans in mind. This is the year to create your own inner exposition. Who says you need a full suit to suit-up? Grab your power blazers and get ready to take on the year ahead!


Blazer: Thoki Tafeni

Shoes and Jeans: Zara


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