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17 Nov

Design your World: Stronger in Numbers.

In the heart of Los Angeles, there is a maze of beautifully restored historic street lamps from all over California. 202 carefully curated and restored historic street lamps make up the Urban Light installation. This unique structure is one of the most iconic destinations to visit in Los Angeles and has become one of the most instagrammed attractions that California has to offer.

The way all of the lamps in the Urban Light installation come together represents all the different people that make up California. It takes more than one person to keep a community’s culture alive as it takes more than one lamp to fully illuminate this piece. The same goes to creating something special. To have one object alone like a lamppost is not special, but when a number of them are intentionally put together to create something with purpose they become remarkable.

I can take away from this artwork that one stitch is not going to make the garment that I want, but when all my elements that I put together with purpose are connected, that is when my garment reaches its potential. My advice to you this week is that together we’re stronger and together we can make beautiful things. California is home to millions of people from different cultures. This has made me realize how important community is. This artwork symbolizes the diversity of this beautiful state and how it has inspired me. What inspires you?



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