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2 Nov

Design your World: A trip down Maiden Lane

Walk down Maiden Lane in San Francisco’s Union Square and you will see the epitome of luxury shopping. If it isn’t the high-end boutiques that draw you here, it is the allure of the dreamy lights that elegantly drape this fairy-tale like street.

A destination for the finest couturiers today once held the steamy secrets of the underworld. In its time, Maiden Lane was the Red Light district of San Francisco known then as Morten Street. In the 1860’s it was home to notorious brothels, high murder rates, and a reputation for its sultry side more so than anything else. One can imagine the desire, passion and betrayal that these walls could speak.

The 1906 earthquake shook San Francisco and its people to the core. As with all catastrophe, however, brings with it a new beginning. Morton Street as it was known, died with the earthquake that day. In it’s place, Maiden Lane was born. Reinvented in the modern day as a luxury retail hub and romantic picturesque backdrop, many people snap photos unaware of it’s seedy history. But it’s history, is what drew me to create this week’s inspiration. So raw and yet so relatable. Life will often present us with imbalances and earthquakes. We are all sometimes shook to the core. Instead of letting it cripple us, let us reinvent ourselves and fight harder each day for what we believe in as we pave our lanes toward the future.  




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