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24 Nov


There are so many things that I am thankful for. As my first Thanksgiving, I have learned so far that this holiday is a special one. It is about family and friends. It is about food and sharing story. It is a time to reflect on life. Outside it is cold and windy. Inside there is a fire. There is a wonderful smell in the air and the people I am surrounded by are rosy and happy. I am thankful for my loving family who has shown me endless love and support. I am thankful I was born in one of the most beautiful places in the world and one that inspired me to be creative and to dream. I am thankful...
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12 Oct

Saying goodbye

Last week I felt as If I was totally lost. Looking out over the ocean back home in Cape Town I found myself adrift in a sea of grief. I felt overcome as I struggled to make sense of its immensity. I have gone through life with a certain sense of luck; lucky to be surrounded by those that I love and who love me back, lucky to be alive. Along the way I have been empathetic to those who have lost someone close to them. I stood by their side when they needed me. I felt their pain. Nothing, however, prepared me for the loss of my lifelong best friend. This experience has changed the way I look at the world and...
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23 Sep

Design Your World: The Billie

As you all know, Billie Holiday is one of my heroes. When I listen to a song of hers like "God Bless the Child" or "Them There Eyes," it strikes this feeling in me. It is so emotional and so real and it makes me feel inspired and alive. I really appreciate that about her.   There is so much history and myth surrounding Billie Holiday. To design my new look, The Billie, I made sure to do my research. I stepped back in time as I learned about Lady Day and the jazz of her time on the West Coast. I imagined the Fillmore District when the streets were dotted with Jazz joints from the Alabam to Jimbo's Bop City....
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14 Jul

Design Your World: 12 months 24 looks

I happily invite you to come with me as I design 24 looks for my next runway.  This is a step in my life I am excited to share with you because it is a bridge to good things to come.  It is also a bridge from me to you! The truth is, for most of my life, I didn’t believe that I had the talent or ability to follow my dreams. Last year I reached out to my friends and followers around the world and asked for help in getting my runway to Seattle Fashion Week.  Overnight, peoples support changed my life and within a few months I was walking down the runway with my team of models with 10...
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