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23 Sep

Design Your World: The Billie

As you all know, Billie Holiday is one of my heroes. When I listen to a song of hers like "God Bless the Child" or "Them There Eyes," it strikes this feeling in me. It is so emotional and so real and it makes me feel inspired and alive. I really appreciate that about her.   There is so much history and myth surrounding Billie Holiday. To design my new look, The Billie, I made sure to do my research. I stepped back in time as I learned about Lady Day and the jazz of her time on the West Coast. I imagined the Fillmore District when the streets were dotted with Jazz joints from the Alabam to Jimbo's Bop City....
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9 Sep

The Billie Effect

In 1915 the queen of Jazz was born in Philadelphia. Eleanor Fagan Gough, known to many as Billie Holiday, began her singing career in the vibrant jazz-era scene of Baltimore and gained popularity later during the Harlem Renaissance. Her voice, cadence, and persona would go on to uniquely shape and change the future of jazz music around the world. Self-taught and self-made, her music showed women what was possible in the male-dominated industry of the jazz era. She never received formal training or learned how to read music, but her raw talent and natural ability made her a larger than life feminine icon. She was raw, vulnerable, and always immaculately dressed. Although she is mostly known for her musical masterpieces, she was also...
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